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About us

Pellegrini Cafe Pizzeria is situated in O'Connell St., North Adelaide. The cafe serves authentic Italian cuisine like Bruschetta, different kinds of Insalata, and the Saltimbocca, or pan-seared veal. The main highlight of our menu, though, is our pizzas. You will have a hard, yet fun time choosing amongst our traditional and gourmet pizza toppings. You can have something as simple and Italian as the Margherita pizza or something as new and unique as the Gourmet Tandoori Chicken, which mixes Italian and Indian flavours together. This cafe is guaranteed to get you your pizza fix at the comfort of your own home. Order online now to have some gourmet Italian food delivered to you.


37 reviews


"Delicious flavours, excellent texture, a great meal, thanks"


"really good generous pizza, second time I have ordered and will order this again"